How much to charge for freelance work is a common issue most hustlers have.

Whether it’s figuring out how much to charge for freelance writing fees, freelance web design fees, or how much to charge for consulting, I’ve always found that we run across three major fears that stop us from getting more – or better yet: charging what we’re worth.

This video blog below covers the three major fears we all encounter when figuring out how much to charge for freelance work:

  • The Fear of the Unknown
  • The Fear of Success
  • The Fear of Failure

In this video, I pinpoint these fears are and what tactics I used to kill them to confidently charge a new client what I was worth.

Watch the video now…

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So let me guess.

When you decided to launch a new brand, you probably settled back into your chair, hammered out a business plan, created a logo, purchased a domain name, and signed up for a few social media sites, right?

After all, that’s how you start a brand. You give it a name, give it a home, and create the channels where the world interacts with it.

Starting a brand seems like it should be simple. It seems like it should be easy. It seems like it should be fun.

But is it?

For most of us, it’s in the weeks and months after we take the wrapper off of a new brand that we realize a hard truth:

Anyone can start a brand, but the real test is actually making good on the brand’s objectives.

As anyone who’s been working with a new brand for a few months knows, getting traction is complicated. Making money is hard. And within those first few months, gaining new fans is certainly not fun.

Most people get fed up and quit. The motivated ones, like you, scour the Internet for answers.

Either way, it’s frustrating because you don’t know what to do when you first get started.

So, for our very first post on #BrandingHacks, that’s what I decided to talk about. Let’s begin by protecting you from the most common mistakes brands make.

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